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Nutrition Facts Label Changes Proposed By FDA & Michelle Obama – Good or Bad?

Nutrition Facts Label Changes FDA Michelle Obama

It’s the first thing that any health-conscious person turns to when weighing the value of a food or drink product – the great Nutrition Facts Label.  Well, the FDA with support from Michelle Obama is proposing to revise these labels to “place a bigger emphasis on total calories, added sugars and certain nutrients, such as Vitamin D and potassium.”

Interesting.  But will the label revisions make a difference?  In my opinion, the new labels put too great an emphasis on caloric content of a product.  If a reader looks at a label and is bombarded with a large and bold Calories indication, then they may not take a sufficient look at the rest of the label which is arguably just as (if not more) important.

Nutrition Facts Label Changes FDA Michelle Obama

What I Ate Today


  • Organic raisin bran – 2 cups
  • Whey protein – 25 grams

Mid-morning Snack

  • Organic banana – 2 medium sized
  • Organic flax seed muffin


  • Chicken
  • Brown Rice
  • Assortment of vegetables – broccoli, carrots, peas

After work/Pre-workout Snack

  • Pizza with whole-wheat crust, nitrate-free pepperoni, organic tomato sauce – 4 slices
  • Romaine lettuce salad

Late Evening Snack

  • Sauteed asparagus
  • Water with two squeezed lemons
  • Greek yogurt with blueberries
  • Small bowl of organic raisin bran