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Why Left Handed People Are Cooler and Smarter Than Right Handed People

Left handed people smarter trevor millican

My name is Trevor Millican and I am left handed.  This implies that I do just about everything with my left hand.  The only duties that I perform with my right hand are: using a mouse, and playing a guitar.  I use my right hand for those because everybody in my six-person family is right handed except for my older sister.  Therefore, all guitars and computer mice in the home were designed for right-handed people.

According to an article on the American Psychological Association’s website, approximately 8%-15% of human beings on planet Earth are left handed.  It is widely thought that a person who is left handed will typically and predominantly utilize the right hemisphere of their brain.  According to an article on TheThinkingBusiness.com, “The right brain is the creative brain, and is responsible for rhythm, spatial awareness, color, imagination, daydreaming, holistic awareness and dimension”.   So, if left-handed people have cerebral dominance in their right hemisphere, they will be cooler than people who are right handed and predominantly utilize the left hemisphere of their brain.  Now, the left hemisphere of the brain is known to be responsible for all things logical.  This includes sequential thought process, reasoning, rationale, and etc.


Here are some of the most amazing left-handed people in history:

Left handed people smarter trevor millican