Most Views Ever On LinkedIn – Penelope Trunk’s “Don’t Go to Grad School” Article

With over 200 million users now on LinkedIn, authors of articles that air on the site can really be heard.  Well, if they’re good.  Like Penelope Trunk.  Through earth-shatteringly provocative article titles, and the far-out content contained in her articles she has done it – written the most viewed article of all time on LinkedIn.  Her first article on LinkedIn was published May 1, 2013, and her third article – and the most viewed of all time – was published on May 10, 2013.  So, while Branson and Huffington have been posting on LinkedIn for a long time, Trunk comes in and in a matter of 10 days steals the show.  Amazing?  Yes.

Penelope Trunk’s first LinkedIn article entitled, “8 New Ways to Think About Financial Security” was published May 1, 2013.   The article received moderate attention with 9,239 views, 75 likes, and 46 user comments.

Penelope’s second LinkedIn article entitled, “Why Jason Collins Matters for Your Career” was published May 2, 2013.  The article received moderate attention with 4,467 views, 19 likes and 23 user comments.

Penelope was just being modest with these first two articles.


Penelope’s third LinkedIn article entitled, “Don’t Go to Grad School” was published May 10, 2013.  The article received the most views any “Influencer Post” on LinkedIn has ever seen – more than Huffington, more than Branson, and the list goes on – with a whopping 333,562 views, 858 likes and 1,504 user comments.

Penelope Trunk LinkedIn


Something tell me that we have not heard the last of Penelope Trunk on LinkedIn.

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