Mountain High Snowboarding, Wrightwood, CA

Not much snowfall this year, but still good conditions on clear and warm days

Trevor Millican



Flu Season 2013 – Statistics, Information and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintains a webpage titled, “Flu View” which includes weekly status updates of number of flu cases per state.

For information on the flu virus in California visit the California Department of Health’s website here:

Be safe out there and WASH YOUR HANDS.

Trevor Millican

Trevor Millican

Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Is Faster, Much Faster Than Sprint’s 3G Network

I reside in Newport Beach and am subscribed to Sprint’s wireless services.  I had a friend over who is subscribed to Verizon’s wireless services.  We both have iPhone 5’s.  We ran a speed test using the relatively bandwidth-heavy site that is Youtube.

The test was conducted as follows:

  1. Enter “Youtube” in google and hit “search” – Verizon blew Sprint out of the water on this by returning search results twice as quickly.
  2. Click the first video on the Youtube homepage on both phones simultaneously – not only did Verizon load the video almost 5 times faster than Sprint, but Verizon loaded the High Definition version whereas Sprint loaded a low-quality version in order to be able to stream the video.

This simple, yet straightforward test showed that Verizon’s 4G LTE network blows Sprint’s 3G network out of the water.  One could argue that the Sprint signal I was receiving was poor in the specific location in which I attempted the test.  However, throughout the day, we ran the test in different locations through Newport Beach and Verizon was King.

That said, I returned my iPhone 5 to Sprint, and will be subscribing with Verizon.  After 10 years as a Sprint customer this was a painful switch, but a necessary one.

Presidential Debate 2012 – Romney Vs. Obama Debate

How to Build Muscle

There is a phenomenal way to learn how to build muscle, and its name is Youtube:

This fellow named “Scooby” on Youtube has many videos for weight training and muscle gain programs.

Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Definition for Engineering and Infrastructure Transportation Projects in California

Public-Private Partnerships – better known as P3 – are hitting the planning and engineering world by storm.  P3s occur when private investors play a role in public works projects.  Typical P3 projects include: transit, highway, and air transportation projects.

P3 is not a new concept.  In fact, many projects on the east coast and mid-west United States